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Newborn Booklet

Gomez, MD PediatricsAt ABC Pediatrics we have compiled a Newborn Booklet outlining care for newborns such as breastfeeding, burping, comfort, sleeping, bathing, nail care, teething, crying and more.

An excerpt from our booklet:

Your infant is a wonderful and complex person. Parents often worry about many normal characteristics of appearance and behavior. The following list addresses commonly asked questions.

Most infants have poor appetites for the first four to five days. We expect babies to lose up to ten percent of their birth weight. By 2 weeks your child should be back to their birth weight and then gain 5-6 ounces weekly for the first several months.

As infants skin adapts to its new environment it is often red, dry, cracking, peeling and subject to numerous rashes. The occasional blotchy appearance of the skin is due to the immaturity of blood vessels and usually occurs when the baby is cold.

Feel free to download and read more from our newborn booklet here.